Does it ever really slow down? Life? Because time just keeps going by faster and faster and faster!

(This is totally unorganized rambling here…nothing exciting…no tips or tricks to share!)

We’re in the final countdown for our Disneyland trip and I was expecting my excitement to increase as we got closer, but instead this week I’m in a slump. Last week I was so excited to start working on our trip, planning our itinerary and adjusting our packing list. But I have a bunch of little To-Do’s that need to be accomplished before we go, whether for the trip or just general things that need to be done for the house while we’re away, or things I want to do for myself like getting a pedicure, massage, wax, coloring my hair. Yes, I’ve become a high-maintenance woman. (It’s my ME time).

But things keep getting thrown at us and there’s just not enough time in the day to get everything done! I’m working more than full-time, Jim is too. We have 3 kids in 4 sports/activities. We have meetings and appointments and weekend trips planned. It’s just absolute craziness right now!

I made a comment earlier about feeling like I’m a passenger in a car with no control over where we go. I’ve actually done some visualization on this, earlier this week when I hit a moment of burnout and literally did NOTHING for about 1.5 hours. Nothing. I didn’t watch TV, I didn’t do any cleaning, I sat in a chair and did nothing.

I visualize that I’m sitting in the passenger seat, in a family sedan, and the car is going down a windy narrow road. No driver, just the car taking me where I need to go. And I’m alone in the car (which is weird because usually I’m in the car to shuttle the kids to and from their activities!). I visualize this narrow road going through a forest, and each bend is something we need to do, and occasionally the road deteriorates and gets really bumpy and uncomfortable.

Friday the road got bumpy as Jim announced he had to work Monday nights now. The same night as ballet and soccer, both scheduled from 5:30-6:30. Oh, and this Monday Trevor had an orthodontist appointment at 4:15! Multiple bends in the road and some major potholes and pits.

My mom took Trevor to his appointment, soccer was rained out (fortunately), I took all three kids to Brooke’s last ballet/tap class. Crisis overted.

That was our last ballet class for the spring/summer. So that’s one less bend in our road for Mondays! And no more scheduling afternoon orthodontist appointments, we’re switching to Monday morning appointments since Jim is home Monday mornings now.

Tuesday we were supposed to have a baseball game, but it was canceled due to rain, so I used that opportunity to go run a couple errands and go get my follow up massage. (I have realized that I need “de-stressing” activities in my life and really wish we had a hot-tub now!)

Wednesday we were supposed to have soccer practice, but it was canceled due to rain as well. It was also Jim’s birthday, so I used my new free-time to make spaghetti and a caesar salad for dinner. We put up a couple decorations to make it a little more special and enjoyed a family night at home.

Today is Thursday. We are supposed to have baseball practice tonight, we’ll see if it actually happens. If it doesn’t, I’m aiming for a calm evening at home before Jim heads out of town for the weekend.

But back to the car on the narrow road in the woods. There are no side-streets. I’m just going along for the ride, going around each bend and turn, enduring the bumpy ride, but it’s been getting smoother. Just a few more bends then we’ll finally have some side-streets we can choose to turn down.

For some reason our vacation has me in knots. I’m excited to go, yet it’s so much work to put together a big family vacation. What time to our daily destinations open? I need to print out directions, too. Are we going to have time to go to the Rainforest Cafe our first night, because I really want to take the kids there! Are we going to make it through Disneyland in 3 days? Or will Brooke’s bladder and shoe issues slow us down and we’ll be scrambling the last day? What if it’s too hot? What if it’s too cold? Just silly thoughts like that running through my mind. Stupid, I know. So what? That’s what I keep reminding myself. So what if we don’t get to the Rainforest Cafe? So what if there’s no time to shop the Downtown Disney District? So what if we don’t get through all of Disneyland- we’ll go back in 3 years anyway! If it’s too hot, drink more water. If it’s too cold, bring a sweatshirt! So what? Big deal.

Hey this is therapeutic!!

Anyway, tomorrow night I have a date with Riley to get pedicures. And do some shopping to pick out a few new tops and some capris for her. Some girl time.

Saturday we have a busy morning and early afternoon with two soccer games and a baseball practice. But the rest of my weekend… and clear. And I plan to rest and relax and focus on the trip preparations and take care of ME.

I WILL be the driver of this car and we will go wherever “I” want to go. At least for the weekend. (Because Monday it starts all over again!)