Our annual Fall tradition is a visit to the Lakeview Farms pumpkin patch in North Plains. We found the place about 8 years ago and have gone every year except one. It’s been interesting to watch how the place continues to improve and get bigger and better. 

Here’s a sampling of pictures from years past:

Trevor and Willy 2002


 That picture was from 2002, Trevor was just three years old!  This next picture is the following year:

2003 Riley and Trevor

This is one of my all time favorite pictures.  Riley was 10 months old.


The Cousins on the train...

Here we are the following year: 2004.  The train hasn’t changed much.  Neither has the caterpillar ride!  Actually, I think this was the first year we saw the caterpillar ride (?).   Trevor is 5 and Riley is almost 2.


Now let’s skip ahead a few years….this was last year:


And here we are this year….

Brooke facepainting

Riley is a beaver


Brooke and Jim

Me and Riley



Happy Pumpkin Hunting!!