I survived the weekend. Saturday, in particular.

I’ve been dreading Saturday ever since our baseball schedule came out at the start of the week. Our Saturday was already somewhat complicated with two soccer games and Jim working. We now had a baseball practice in the mix.

A long time ago, having to take all 3 kids to a sports game, by myself, entertaining two of them while trying to watch the one play, felt like a major chore. Now it doesn’t seem like a big deal, just part of the “flow”. Probably because we’re all used to it and the youngest doesn’t know any different. Or it could be because I’m used to entertaining six kids while trying to prepare meals and snacks at home five days a week? Regardless, having three events in one day isn’t necessarily problematic.

However, this past Saturday’s complication was that it was the first soccer game of the season for both Trevor and Riley, and it was also Trevor’s first baseball practice. We needed to be at all three events. If it was Trevor’s third practice (as it was supposed to be) we would have just skipped it. But his first two practices were rained out and he really needed to be there.

Saturday Agenda:
9:00 Soccer game in Raleigh Hills
12:00 Baseball practice at the Hillsboro Fairgrounds
12:00 Soccer game in Raleigh Hills

Obviously, I couldn’t be at the Hillsboro Fairgrounds at noon….and also at Raleigh Park Elementary School at noon. Something had to give.

With a little effort on my part I realized that one of Trevor’s baseball teammates was also on his team last year, so I called the mom and she agreed to come pick Trevor up and take him to practice, and I would pick him up after Riley’s soccer game.

There was still a tight timeline. Trevor’s soccer game ended at 10:00. We needed to be home by 10:30 in order to change clothes for baseball, get Riley ready for soccer, and get something for lunch. We had to leave at 11:00 for Riley’s game (they like us to be there 30 minutes early for warmups). Trevor’s ride would show up at 11:30. Perfect!

It all worked out. We made it to everything on time, and amazingly it only took 20 minutes to get from Raleigh Park to the Hillsboro Fairgrounds, so we were there to pick Trevor up by 1:20. Practice didn’t end until 2:00 so I did get to watch some of it.

I’m just thankful that the weather was nice!