Well it has almost been 2 complete weeks. My belly button area is still quite tender and sore when I press on it.  Otherwise there is no pain or discomfort.  It just feels like my insides are bruised.

The surgery is not impacting my day-to-day activities or energy levels anymore. I’ve resumed house cleaning and going for walks and such. Just haven’t resumed my workouts.  I have my post-op appointment this Friday. I’ll find out then if I can resume my workout routine.   Summer is just around the corner you know!  I would like to be in swimsuit shape before our first trip (May).

The incisions are healing nicely and I was pleased to see that they are only about 1/2″ long!  I’m a firm believer in using paper-tape to heal scars.  I’ve had fresh scars that were so fine and thin, barely noticeable, and after 3-4 weeks I stopped using the paper tape and they stretched out and became thick.  I’ve read it’s best to use paper tape for 2-3 months, so that’s what I’m going to do this time around!  I’m hoping for “invisible” scars when all is said and done.

I won’t be posting any additional surgery updates, with the exception of my Friday appointment findings…and maybe my paper-tape experience 3 months from now!