As much as I did NOT want to do any form of exercise, I sucked it up and walked on the treadmill.  When I say “walk”, I mean setting the pace at 3.4, taking extra-long stretching strides, tightening my glutes, sucking in my abs, stretching my spine, using big arms and turning my hips.  (Like a race-walker would do, but at a slow controlled pace.)  I want the biggest bang for my buck if I’m going to do something!  I also vary the incline throughout the walk.  So it’s really not a “walk”….and I know 3.4 isn’t fast, but it’s fast enough when you are taking long stretching strides!

When I was done with my walk, I threw some laundry into the dryer and washer….(I’ll fold it later).  Then I got my receipts out to sort (separating December from January) so hopefully I can get them entered soon and close out my business expenses for 2009 and get one step closer to starting taxes!