I managed to find a few spare moments yesterday to keep tackling those paper piles.  I don’t feel like I’m drowning anymore….I’m treading water.  I hope to be able to swim to shore by the end of the week!  Ten-minute spurts is my goal.  If I can just find 10 minutes here and there to focus on them, that will work wonders.  And the key is to touch each paper once.  Take care of it.  No moving it to another pile!!

Today I managed to do a 20-minute pilates mat workout.  Not the easy DVD I was looking for, but this one will work.

Then I spent 20 minutes on ItsDeductible.com entering my non-cash donations for 2009.  I only have one more Goodwill receipt to go!  To make it easy on me, I always take pictures of everything I’m donating.  It’s easier to do that….then at the end of the year print out the pictures and enter each item individually.  It comes up with the fair market value for you, so it’s super easy.

That’ll be my Tip o’ the Day……use ItsDeductible.com for all your non-cash donation entries!

Oh, and on a different note:  so far so good with the sickies….I haven’t gotten sick and think we’re all in the clear!