I use a lot of those cubbies you can get from Target, Fred Meyer, Lowe’s, etc….they seem durable enough and I love that the fabric drawers come in all different colors and they fit inside perfectly.  I think they are made by Stackables, or Cubeicals.

I have them all over my daycare playroom…

I have one that holds all the kids’ personal belongings (diapers, nap blanket, pillow, change of clothes).

I have two that Jim and I nailed backs on so that they act as room dividers. They hold my toy bins nicely, too!

But my major complaint is that they don’t work well as bookcases since they are only 11.5″ tall inside.  I can’t put my scrapbooks in them.   Some binders/notebooks won’t even stand up in them.

We have quite a few books, and a lot of scrapbooks.  So when our remodeling was finished, we went to Ikea and picked up one of their 5×5 Expedit bookcases for our family room and I love it!  Especially since the shelves are 15″ deep…..not 9 or 11 like many bookcases.  Each cubby is also 13.25 tall and wide.

When I decided to reorganize the girls’ room, I knew the smaller cubbies would not work out the way I wanted, so I decided to go with the bigger IKEA Expedit cubbies.  I didn’t like the storage options IKEA offered for their Expedit bookcase.  They had hard plastic clear boxes (nah) and wood/wicker baskets (nah).  So I started out using the fabric cubes from the girls’ old cubby.  Except they didn’t fit right.

This is where I give my new droid phone props.  While shopping at Target last week, I saw the ITSO brand fabric cubes….nice BIG storage cubes.  But  I wasn’t sure if they would fit.  I wished I knew the inside dimensions of my Expedit bookcase.  Unfortunately, IKEA doesn’t publish those on their website….so using my phone to check IKEA’s website would not do any good.  So I thought about the google voice app on my phone and asked (literally, out loud) “ITSO cubes fit IKEA Expedit” and it popped up a website where someone posted that they ITSO fit the Expedit perfectly!)

So now I’m sharing this with you….because I know a lot of my friends have the Expedit bookcases, too!

The ITSO brand fabric cubes from Target fit the Expedit cubbies PERFECTLY. And they come in a variety of colors. I chose pink and brown to complement the girls room.

So for anyone else out there with an Ikea expedit, wishing for more insert options other than wood/wicker baskets or the clear plastic bins from IKEA…..here ya go!