Someone told me I wasn’t leaving very many tips or tricks on here lately….so here’s one!

First and foremost….it’s not always cheaper to buy the biggest size container the store carries.

For example, the little 5-pound bags of sugar from Winco (Hy-top brand) were cheaper per ounce/pound than the 10-pound bags. Not sure if that is still the case or not, but I ALWAYS check the price per pound.

When using coupons, same thing.  Sometimes the generic is cheaper per ounce even after the coupon is used. But sometimes not.

And it’s not always cheaper to buy from Costco.

But I will use Costco for today’s example:

We eat a lot of rice. We should probably switch to brown rice or quinoa (keenwa), which would be a lot healthier…..but we all happily eat Jasmine Rice. So we buy it in bulk from Costco- a HUGE bag of it! Super Lucky Elephant to be exact. When we get home, I grab a stack of ziplock sandwich bags and scoop out 2-cups for each bag. Put those into a gallon ziplock bag and put it in my pantry. That way when I need to make rice, it’s already measured, I just put it in the pot with 3 cups of water and 20 minutes later I have rice! DIRT CHEAP.

Butter. I cook with clarified butter a lot of the time. So I buy the huge blocks of butter from Costco and make it myself. For butter to spread on toast, sandwiches, etc. we eat Smart Balance. I buy the BIG container from Costco and just scoop it out into the smaller container that we keep in our kitchen. (The big container goes in the garage fridge)

Bananas and milk are waaaaaay cheaper at Costco than anyplace else.  And so are flour tortillas.   40 flour tortillas from Costco for around $4.00!!   8-10 bananas are $1.38.  And 2 gallons of milk from Costco for around $3.00!  (prices do vary from time to time, so don’t quote me completely)

Anyway, that’s a couple quick tips that I shared on the phone with someone earlier today so I thought I’d type them up here to share with you!