Here’s some video of Brooke’s Ballet/Tap class. She is in a class with 4 and 5 year old girls, though after talking to most of the parents, seems Brooke is the youngest in the class.

The first video is of her practicing the “duck walk”. They asked the girls to try it walking backwards (for the first time ever) and it really confused a lot of them. This is Brooke’s second attempt at her run and you can see her struggling.

In this clip Brooke is practicing the “Shuffle Step” for Tap. She is at the farthest end of the front row. After that exercise, they start working on their ‘routine’. (You can fast-forward to :28 for her turn with the teacher. After the teacher walks away and they get into position for their dance, skip to 1:28…..there’s a LONG pause while they set the music.)

Each class ends with the girls forming a train, stepping loudly in their tap shoes, then stopping at the window and blowing us kisses!