When I woke up at 5am (yep, still doing that!) the outside thermometer read 16 degrees. By 7am it had dropped to 12.4 degrees. That is COLD! I thought I heard on the news that this was the coldest day in something like 12 years?

I remember last year we had some really cold weather, uncharacteristically cold. So cold that I took a picture of our thermometer as ‘proof’. I pulled out my scrapbook to see what the ‘record low’ was for our backyard, and was surprised to see that it read….

…..14.9 degrees

So I quickly took a picture of this morning’s 12.4 reading!

And the last weather forecast said tonight will be even COLDER!  I’m glad I have no plans for the evening, it’s going to be a cozy sit-in-the-family-room-with-the-pellet-stove-blaring-sipping-hot-chocolate-or-chai-tea kind of evening!

Oh, and my mom called to see if I was remembering the hummingbirds, keeping the feeder thawed.  We decided it might be a good idea to try taping a handwarmer to the feeder to keep the nectar thawed. So far so good, but I can’t see if any birds are trying to drink- my blinds are closed!