Saturday seemed like the longest day ever, but in a GOOD way!

We started out with two soccer games- gone from 8am until about 12:30. Home. Lunch. Then we started the bathroom floor project.

The flooring we bought did not need to have the seams glued for water tightness, even though we were using it in a bathroom. We wanted to make EXTRA sure it lasts a long time, so we glued the seams anyway! I think it took us about 3.5 hours to finish the floor.  This is the 5th time we’ve installed laminate flooring….it’s actually pretty easy.  This room just had A LOT of cuts, with the door jamb, heat register, counter, toilet ring, etc.  Geesh!

When we finished the floor Jim worked on clean-up and I caulked around the permiter and installed some trim along the tub. Another coat of spray texture on the wall where the water comes in (for the toilet- we had a huge 4″ hole left there from when our pipes were replaced 2 years ago), and we were done.  At least with THAT part.

We took the toilet out of the box, and were disappointed in the quality of the bowl (bottom inside was lumpy?).  So we loaded up the toilet and the kids and headed for Lowe’s and Home Depot.  We opted to upgrade our toilet to the Kohler Cimmaron Class 6 toilet, picked up the necessary wax ring and water hose, looked at floor trim and decided we will special order the trim that matches our floor, picked out a new heat register, and then looked at toilet paper holders.  Our is the original 1973 metal recessed TP holder- silver- ugly.  Unfortunately, they don’t make anything different….and being done with my sheetrock repair, I wasn’t about to suggest we fill in the hole!  So we bought some special “hammered metal” paint to revamp the appearance of the ugly TP holder.  Turned out great!

Once we got home we decided we had accomplished all our goals for the day, so we had ice-cream sundaes with the kids and sat down to watch a movie.  When we went to bed at 11:00, I couldn’t believe how much we had done that day- yet it didn’t seem THAT busy!  Soccer, bathroom, shopping, and time for a movie with the kids?

Today, Sunday….. I painted 2 coats in the bathroom (original color) and we cut the door up about 1/2″ to make up for the new floor height plus the bathroom rug we like to use (that used to get stuck under the door all the time!).

We will wait until Tuesday to install the toilet- caulk needs 72 hours to cure.  Again, wanting to be extra safe and prevent water damage!

Wall trim will have to wait until we special order what we need….so bear with us on that one!  Here is the semi-finished bathroom:

80% done