I’m always looking for ways to make dinner time easier.  This often means making double batches of things so that we can freeze and eat later in the month.  I’ve done that with enchiladas, lasagnas, meatballs, etc.  I’ve made huge batches of spaghetti sauce to freeze, but I’ve never frozen a finished pasta dish. 

A couple months ago we had a lot of leftover salmon from dinner.  I wanted something ‘different’ with the leftovers, so the next night I thought I’d try making a Cajun Salmon Alfredo Pasta.  It ended up being  a very simple dish to make:  flaked salmon, spaghetti noodles, alfredo sauce, mushrooms, parmesan cheese and cajun “blackened” seasoning.  I made TOO much…we had leftovers again!  Two days of ‘fish’ for dinner was enough for me for a week.  I scooped it all into a Foodsaver bag and froze it. 

Well I finally pulled it out the other day when I was running short on time to make dinner.  I defrosted it part way in the microwave, emptied the bag into a large pot to heat, added milk (becuase it was quite thick!) and some more cajun seasonings….and oh my it was DELICIOUS! 

Lesson learned here: pasta dishes freeze well!IMG_4237

So next time you are making spaghetti, or fettucini alfredo….know that you can make a double batch, freeze the leftovers, reheat and eat without sacrificing any texture or flavor….and it saves you the time it would take to make from scratch!