We played a few fun videos on Christmas Day and I thought I’d share them here with you!

The first one took a while to rehearse and get straight, and we learned that with matching wigs and matching outfits we are all kind of hard to tell apart!  Well, Jim is easy with his facial scruff, and me with my make-up…..but the kids?  Wow.  You’ll have to check their smiles- Riley has braces, Trevor a wire retainer, and Brooke- nothing.  My favorite part of this video is when Brooke is spinning in circles looking up at the camera.

This next one we got pretty sweaty making- having to wear those heavy costumes.  Which is why the dance moves are fairly simple.  I wasn’t able to upload this one to YouTube so you’ll have to click on the link to watch it:


After filming those two, we decided to hit the mountain and do some sledding.  You can imagine this took many many runs to get it filmed just right.  I did end up with a few splinters after colliding with that tree.  And Jim still isn’t sure what happened to him when he and Brooke rode off that jump and went airborne.  Brooke landed on her sled doing a handstand (show-off), but we didn’t see him again until we got to the bottom of the hill and the giant snowball caught up with us.  Hmmm….

The next day (after recovering from our injuries) we decided to put together a Mexico-themed Christmas song.  After all we ARE taking the kids to Mexico in June.  This one also had a lot of rehearsal time and everyone had to learn to play various instruments.  Tracking down the matching costumes was also a big challenge.  Jim wanted me to do a dance number in the middle, but since I’m NOT a dancer, he suggested I drop some jumping beans in my suit to see if that would help me move around some more!

I hope you enjoyed our family videos!