You know me…. I like to dump stuff onto my blog so I can reference it later!  And since cleaning up and renting houses is going to be our “new thang”, I’d better get organized!

Here’s our supply list of what we are taking/keeping over at the 5745 house while we do our cleaning/renovations:

Paper Plates
Paper Towels
Kitchen trash can
My plastic champagne glass (lol!)

Drinks (water, green tea, beer, soda, champagne, Rockstar!)
Snacks (cheese sticks, Fiber One bars, jerky, protein shakes)

Cleaning supplies (yada yada)
Extra buckets
Plastic bags/totes to keep small parts in

Tape measure
Step stool
Tools (drills, hammer, etc.)
Extension Cord

Painting supplies
Sanding supplies
Spackle & Caulk
Drop cloths, moving cloths, plastic bags

I’ll update this list as we figure out what we forgot!  Or if you have suggestions add them quick!  We outta here in 3 hours!

masking tape
spiral notepads
Extra tubs to transport dirty towels home at the end of the day and replace with fresh ones the next day!
scotch brite pads- lots of them!
extra towels (can’t have too many)