Remember when Jim went out of town and I did an office makeover?

Or when he went out of town and I made some magnetic chalkboard signs?

Other times I’ve done things like repaint rooms, or rearrange rooms, or hang shelves or refinish furniture, or knock some other “to do” task off our home improvement list.

The time is upon me yet again- and this time I’ve got a couple ideas on projects I can do- but these are things that are NOT on our to-do list!  They are projects that we’ve discussed, but have decided to leave on the back burner until our other home projects are finished.

But while the cat is away, the mouse will play, right?

Here’s what I’m thinking for possible solo projects:

1) Dare I strip and repaint our front door?  We’ve talked about doing that, but we need a weekend at home with sunny dry weather in order for me to accomplish something like that.  Hmmm….  And what color should I paint the door?  Here’s what the front of our house looks like.



I’m thinking cranberry, teal, apple green, maybe even yellow?

Here’s a closer look:


Uh oh, after this close of a look I’m not sure I’m up for the task!

2) We’ve talked about recoloring our kitchen cabinets but aren’t happy with the price estimates we’ve received.  Since our bathroom cabinets are made & stained identical to our kitchen cabinets, we’ve discussed recoloring those as a trial run.  So maybe I’ll take one of the doors off in the bathroom and treat the inside (so it’s not visible) and see how that goes!

Here’s what I bought for this task:


Dare I?

3) I need to rub linseed oil on our arbor this weekend….but I’m also considering putting a coat of darker stain on it to deepen the color even further.  It looked like this when we first brought it home:


Over time it has faded, a lot.  Here it is today all scrubbed and clean and ready to be oiled:


I really liked the rich chocolately color when we brought it home, I’d like to get that color back!

And of course there’s normal yardwork to do.  We have a few empty planters that need flowers, I have a bamboo pot that needs to be transplanted, some lilly that needs to be dug out (it’s TOO BIG), same old same old.  But that should only take an hour or so (outside of shopping for the flowers!)  There’s also sprinkler system maintenance.  Yep, it’s usually MY job to run all the tubes to the flower beds, Jim’s job is the grass.  SO, I suppose if the weather is hot I SHOULD do that.

Of course the final option is to do nothing, and just relax, maybe spend an entire weekend organizing our digital photographs and videos, cleaning out the unwanted images/clips, maybe even get started on our 2012 family album (I don’t usually wait THIS long!).

Hmmm….. decisions, decisions.