I don’t know how long ago I started doing this, but for as far back as I can remember, I’ve been picking up hanging baskets of petunias every May to hang on our front porch and also in our back yard.

Remember this post from 2010 that promoted the use of Miracle Gro for all our flowering pots and beds?  Turns out, Miraclo Gro just ain’t enough sometimes.  Plus it’s hard for me to remember to mix a batch every day or two to water my plants with.

So I tried something else this year and OMGosh it is working awesomely well.

The trick to growing prolific petunias in pots is….. WATER.

We have all our hanging baskets on a drip system and I was watering them every morning.  As the weather warmed up and became sunny all day long, I added in an evening watering.  The week of July 4th I deadheaded all the spent blooms and the weather continued to warm up to the point where we were in the upper 80’s for many many days in a row so I added in a third watering around 2pm.

Well whaddya know…..they took off!!  Filled in and bloomed profusely in just a matter of days!

Look at them now!

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So yeah, a few fertilizer spikes and water three times a day for perfectly prolific petunia pots!