Well, first off, it’s not really “free time”…. but Jim’s annual hunting weekend is coming up and I usually try to knock off some sort of home improvement project that has been pending completion (or startion- ha ha ha- I made up a new word!  Get it?  Start-tion?)

So I have a few ideas….

1)  I could repaint the playroom.  Maybe not all of it, but I can at least get the base color up on all the walls (a dark cream color).  Or paint the couple walls that I know will be a color.  I’ve decided on the Organic Green (from the kids room) accented with a dark teal blue.  Likely in stripes around the room.  My only hesitation for not starting that is I plan to move the cubby from the office into the playroom, which means taking down shelves, and really I only want to do that once, not once to paint and once for the new furniture.  I “could” paint the areas around the windows, though, or the walls unaffected by the furniture move.  This would likely be a full-weekend project though.

2)  I could “try” to hang the bi-fold closet doors we still haven’t hung in Trevor’s room!  Hmmm…. that should go relatively quick, I think?

3)  I could try to cut the supports for the linen closet shelves, and mount them so that all we need to do when Jim gets back is cut the shelves to size.  I’d actually thought about hiring help to do this- finish the job completely (including installing the door jambs and bi-fold doors) so that all I need to do is paint the jamb and stock the shelves and then our office will finally be cleared out!  And once that is done I can move the office cubby into the playroom!

4)  I could schedule someone to come in and clean our carpets.  Easier to do when there’s just 4 of us home instead of all 5 of us.  At least do the playroom and the Family Room, maybe?

6) Or maybe I should make it all ME TIME and hunker down with the laptop and get caught up on organizing photographs and scrapbooking?


Decisions, decisions.

Of course what usually happens is I get so caught up in the busy-ness of life in general that there’s no time to actually tackle any of this stuff!