We went to IKEA over the weekend to pick up some shelving for Trevor’s room (stay tuned for that post- when he gets his shelves filled up and his room cleaned I’ll take a picture, but for now you can enjoy this sneak peek):

The primary purpose of that photo was not to showcase one of his new shelves, but rather to showcase his new window treatments: room darkening cellular shades in an off-white-leaning-towards-gray color.  Stay tuned for our window treatment post coming soon as well…

But back to the main point of this particular post:

We’ve made another “decorating” decision on our master bedroom!

Here’s the “Before”:

And….drumroll please…….





Ta Da!

OK, there’s a few differences between the pictures so let me direct your focus:

I hung some fabric panels behind our bed!  Here’s another view to showcase the panels a little better, along with the detail of our bedding, blah blah blah:

And here’s another view to showcase why the light colored panel is necessary (to bring balance to our room):

And here’s some close-up detail of the panels:

I picked them up from IKEA (hence the first sentence in this post) for about $20 per panel (each panel is 118″ long).  Right now the 3 panels are held up with thumbtacks and they are mounted flush to the wall.

I also picked up the mounting tracks/rods/weights from IKEA (for another $40 total) to hang these panels from the ceiling about 1″ from the wall.  This is how the track looks (although in this picture it’s mounted to the wall and not to the ceiling).

Here’s where you come in to my plan…..

#1.  Do you like the panels?  Does this work with our “Old World / Mediterranean” type style or is it too modern?

#2.  Should we mount them flush to the wall (so our bed can go against the wall) or use the IKEA mounting system which would have them hanging about an inch from the wall (which I think would be a more modern look)?  I would probably disguise the mounting system by hanging a dark barley twist rod in front of it (similar to this):

But here’s my concern with the mounting system…..and where I need more advice from you.  If we “hang” the panels loosely, we’d need to move our bed away from the panels so we’re not accidentally tugging on them and pulling them off the track, plus I want to make sure they hang totally straight.  I’m thinking the bed would end up about 5″ from the wall to be safe.  Having that gap at the head of our bed would be weird- I think- we’d be dropping our pillows and remote down the hole.

Comments please!  Do you like it?  Does it work?  How should I hang them…or should I take them back?