Oh my.  The girls are so excited about school that they are getting up on their own, EARLY!  This morning, day 2 of school, Brooke got up at 5:15 and Riley at 5:30.  They were dressed and ready to go- ate a bowl of cereal and then sat on the couch and watched cartoons for a while.

Brooke is just excited to be going full day now, and the most exciting part for her is LUNCH!  Before going to bed last night she packed a bag with some snacks (they don’t eat until noon so the school suggests a light snack for around 10am) and she packed a lunch- taking yogurt, craisins, a banana and a stick of elk pepperoni.  I was impressed by what she chose!  She was thinking she’d buy chocolate milk from the school, but at $0.50 I shot her down.  Instead I mixed her a cup of Strawberry Nesquick for her to take….I think that should work well!  She took over Riley’s old lunch bag (it’s pink with a monkey on it) so now Riley wants a new one.

Trevor also packed a lunch, but complained that his lunch box is too dorky and he wants to get a new one.  Not sure what drove that effort (packing a lunch) as he has balked in years past about doing that.

School lunches are $2.05 for the girls and $2.55 for Trevor.  That’s a whopping $6.65 out of our pockets each day- or $133 per month!  Yikes!