Brooke is always dancing to music and making up her own dance “routines” to go along with certain parts of songs.  Here’s an example (when she thought we weren’t looking):

Note: there’s no sound to this because she’s wearing headphones and I have no idea what song she’s listening to. The obnxious power drill sound is Jim hanging shelves in our closet. I’m standing in the nook in our bedroom peeking out the window to watch Brooke do her thing.

Anyway- definitely need to keep this kid in some sort of dance!

Her dance studio runs a summer program which I’ve never before participated in, but thought “hey, here’s a chance to give Hip Hop dance a try- no long term commitment, no leotard or special dance shoes required- let’s give it a shot!”  So I signed up both girls.  Riley’s main goal was to get over being shy and embarrassed and just have fun- I was proud of her for wanting to do that.

I was glad that the instructor was Brooke’s former ballet instructor, so there was already a comfort level there.  And they could wear street clothes (we chose leggings and long T-shirts) and tennis shoes that the kids already had in their closet.  Check out Riley’s shoes…aren’t these cute?

It was a six week term and I believe we only missed one class due to vacation…the entire term was dedicated to learning a dance routine for Selena Gomez’s “Love you like a Love Song”.

And here it is…. each girl’s final performance for the summer term: