It has been a long time since I’ve done any scrapbooking.  In fact, I haven’t done any scrapbooking since I finished our 2009 album in May 2010.

For the past few years I’ve done a good job of keeping up to date, usually completing our annual albums by the end of March and ordering them before summer starts.

But not this year.

After I finished our 2009 album I should have started working on our 2010 album.  After all, that was in May and the year was already nearly half over.

But I didn’t.

And here it is, July 2011 and I still haven’t started the 2010 album.  Nor have I done anything in our 2011 album.

It simply boils down to me not having time.  I always hated that excuse when I was selling Creative Memories products.  How can people not have the time?  You make the time.  Get up early, stay up late, grab your supplies and get out of town, attend a workshop, whatever it takes- DO IT!  In my case I don’t say no and I do everything.  I need to delegate.  Let Jim and the kids make dinner, clean the kitchen, do the laundry, do the grocery shopping- so I can use that time to scrapbook.


Like that would go over well.

But seriously.  I’m trying to delegate some of my responsbilities.

I do find myself with little moments of time (like NOW) but I’m simply not in the mood to be creative and artistic and although I could put together a rough outline of a scrapbook and go back and detail fill it later, I just don’t want to do that!  I don’t feel like doing that.  I feel like dumping my brain and taking a break from life and being useless and wasting time.

Yep.  I love to waste my time.

So here I am.  July 2011 is almost over.  I am now 19 months behind on my scrapbooking.

I’ll admit, I do have an outline for my 2010 album… I started it several several months ago.  Each page has been assigned a particular 2010 event and all my 2010 photographs are in order (thanks to Memory Manager) so it will be easy to drag and drop.

But I’m not going there.  Yet.

I’m going to start with my most recent pictures- pictures from my HS reunion.  Why?  Because it’s a fresh memory and it’s better to start with NOW and move backwards in time than to start where you left off and always be playing catch-up.  Cuz you know what?  You’ll never catch up.

So I’m signing off for now- so I can at least get those few pictures on the page and a few sentences to go with them.  I’ll “decorate” it later.  That’s the plus side of digital scrapbooking- you can always rearrange and further customize your page.

And when I finish that page, just maybe I’ll keep moving backwards.  I could do our 4th of July page, and our Fort Stevens camping trip, and the kids last days of school, then do Brooke’s birthday…..and just keep moving backwards.

And ladies- if you need a scrapbooking night…or a scrapbooking weekend….MESSAGE ME NOW and I’ll see what I can put together!  I need it desperately-

Let’s make progress together!