(a Plinky prompt!  Plinky emails me with a few topic headers- for me to answer and share on my blog.  Sort of a “writers block” cure.)


What would I say to my 16-year old self?

You better start exercising and eating better when you turn 19, because your body starts going downhill after that. Noteable metabolism decreases at age 20, 25, 30, 35, etc.  The body you have today is the best body you’ll EVER have.  Work to keep it!

Hang in there and get your associates degree from PCC.  (Don’t drop out)  Not that it will help you get a job necessarily, but not graduating will bother you and it’s just easier to finish it in one shot instead of going back to get it as an adult.

OH, and when you get pregnant, don’t eat for two! You’ll gain 55 pounds if you do that!

That about covers the majority of it- the rest of my mistakes I can live with!

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