If you don’t shop there, you are nuts!

I just got (note: I didn’t say bought)….I just GOT eleven loaves of bread (whole grain whole wheat, steel cut oat bread, potato bread, milk & honey bread, 7 grain bread), two 8-packs of hamburger buns, and seven boxes of Franz donuts (yes, donuts)….for $14.00.  These are the Franz donuts that sell for $2.49 in the store.  The Franz specialty breads that sell for at least $1.50 in the store, on sale.  Hamburger buns, well, nothing special there, but probably $2-$3 at the store.    OH, and a bag of animal cookies and three Hostess pies.  Yes, we are junk food junkies at the moment!

That’s 24 items…at less than 60-cents per item!!

So how did I get everything for so cheap?

First off, I start by shopping the day-old items that are marked down.  That’s where I bought the donuts and 9 loaves of bread.  The hamburger buns and 2 extra loaves of bread were my “freebies”.  And Mondays are double-punch days (for a little while longer at least), so that gets me all the closer to $10 in free product!

Don’t want day-old breads?  The fresh breads and fresh donuts are still cheaper than they are in the stores.  I frankly cannot tell a difference.  It all goes into my freezer anyway. 

And normally I would buy ZERO donuts, but we have a 5-day camping trip this weekend, and are going with another family, so I figured I’d better buy several boxes, and the cookies, and the pies we ate in the car as a “treat”. 

But still, with just the bread alone I saved a bunch of money, for very little effort and time spent.