We had a super busy 3rd of July with a big BBQ at our place.  Jim used the opportunity to make a Beef Brisket- putting it on our Traeger grill at 10pm the night before, and not pulling it off the grill until 4pm the next day!  It was super delicious though, and will probably become a staple at big summer gatherings here.  I had a decent “kitchen” set up outside with both BBQ’s and a prep table.  We had the yard all set up for badminton and plenty of chairs and tables to sit at, too.  I managed to take a few “before” pictures, but the camera never made it back outside after the party started, sorry! 

The events on the 3rd lasted until 1:30am.  The next morning, Jim and I didn’t wake up until after 9am….and the kids didn’t get up until 10:30!  Very uncharacteristic of our family.  I attributed it to our super hard work getting the yard all ready for our guests, and the clean up and prep required for the party, and being kept busy during the party, and staying up really late that night.  We DESERVED a morning to sleep in!

Clean up didn’t take too long, we took it easy and didn’t work too hard.  In the early afternoon we returned the borrowed tables and chairs, and any dishes that were left behind (on this side of town at least).  Then we headed out to McMinnville to spend a few hours with Jim’s 2nd cousin and his wife and family.  Our kids like it there because they have a barn turned into a sport-court…Trevor and I played a bit of basketball!  We left there around 7:30, came home, vegged in front of the TV waiting for it to get dark…

 We haven’t been home for the 4th of July in years, so had no idea what goes on back home- apparently all the neighbors come out and do fireworks together!  When we stepped outside about 9:15 there was a whole row of chairs across a couple driveways!  Several fireworks had already been executed and we took our big tote out to the street and joined the party.  Actually, Trevor put on most of the show… making his selections and lighting them safely.  We all had a great time!

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