Our new patio is done!  The project was actually completed over the weekend, but unfortunately the corners weren’t “sweeping curves” like we had asked, so Clint had to come back out and re-do all the corners. 

This is what we came home to:

This is what we wanted:

We weren’t home to supervise the job- we were camping- and Clint knew what we wanted but thought it looked weird and made the decision to do it differently, not realizing how important it was to us to have the flared end points to the paths.  But he’s making it right.  He came back Sunday evening (as soon as we called him) and started fixing the corners.  He came back again on Monday after lunch and as of about 5:30pm Monday night- he’s done! I figured out it took a total of 90 hours, which is about what all the other landscapers estimated. Not bad!

As soon as we got home from camping, the kids hopped on their bikes and scooters and started riding around in circles.  They LOVE the new pathway!  And when the daycare kids arrived Monday morning- they did the same!  A few crashes resulting in scraped knees and such, but that didn’t stop them.

Jim and I walked the path this morning to look at our immediate future landscaping needs (barkdust, plants, etc.) and realized that we will probably never walk through the grass again.  Seems “wrong”!

We’re looking forward to showing it off to family and friends this weekend.