Baseball season is over, and what a strange season it was.  Trevor played in the recreational league of Hillsboro Baseball, whereas most of his friends (and cousins!) played JBO (the Junior Baseball Organization).  JBO is the “norm” for kids Trevor’s age.  But we choose to play at the Recreational level because soccer is Trevor’s passion and we can’t play two “serious” sports simultaneously.  Also JBO is more expensive, more time consuming, LOTS more travel (games in Bend, McMinnville, Banks, Washougal WA, etc.).  The coaches and parents are much more serious about the sport as well.

Since the majority of baseball-playing kids play in JBO, the Hillsboro Baseball Association only had 3 teams in Trevor’s league.  This meant we were one of them, so we only got to play two other teams.  Over and over and over and over.  10 games were scheduled.  We missed 4 or 5 due to rain.  Even a make-up game was rained out!  I think after a while the consensus was, “why make up the games?  It’s just the same team we’ve already played 3-4 times!”

The End of Season Tournament was this past weekend.  Last year Trevor was on an amazing team and they took first place.  His team was nearly undefeated the entire season and they worked like a well-oiled machine.  Lots of parent involvement, coaching, skill building exercises, it was great!  We could have played against the JBO teams and had a chance of beating them!

This year, his team was 100% defeated.  Not a single win.  Mostly we were crushed by our opponents, the scores weren’t even close.  No parent involvement.  No coaching.  It was awful.  There was nothing “team” about this team.  In fact, two players missed the EOS Tournament because they had a birthday party to go to.  REALLY?  Team Mom dropped from the league about 1/2 way through the season, it was so bad.  So no trophies or medals.  No end of season party.  Nothing.

I didn’t even take any pictures of the games this year.

The girls are wanting to play, and Trevor is thinking about skipping Spring Soccer next year and playing JBO.  Not sure how that will all work out, because 3 kids on 3 different teams will surely mean A LOT of conflict!  Any volunteers?

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