What a weekend!

Jim left around 2:00 on Friday for a boys weekend, and took my Expedition with him since it’s a comfortable ride for 4-5 adults to travel in for hours on end. But I wasn’t left stranded, someone was kind enough to leave me his BMW 328i coupe in exchange! At first I was a little worried about the 2-door feasibility,

Yep, just like this one, but in RED

the potential “abuse” by the kids, and the lack of storage space, but it actually all worked out very well! I think I’ll try to keep it! Who cares if it only seats 4 and we have a family of 5? (hee hee)

We did a lot of driving. Mostly because we had to, but I’ll admit we drove a little more than we probably needed to.  Hey, this car gets a heck of a lot better gas mileage than my SUV, and it’s definitely more fun to drive.  It “hands you” your seatbelt to put on!  And the mirrors turn down to show you the ground behind the car when you put it in reverse.  And it has climate control- not just AC or heat, but you can set the interior temperature to a specific point and it maintains that!  It was never too cold, or too warm.  And, and, and I won’t bore you with the little details.

Riley and I had a Pedicure appointment Friday night (pictures will be posted later- she was so excited!) and I also promised her an evening of shopping for summer clothing. We went from home to Hillsboro to Tanasbourne back to Hillsboro back home. (Ok, so the extra stop at Hillsboro probably wasn’t needed, but I needed to get a bag of dog food from Costco while it was on sale).

Saturday morning was our usual soccer and baseball routine: a 9:00 soccer game in Raleigh Hills, followed by a quick trip home to change from soccer clothes to baseball clothes, get Trevor a ride to baseball practice, then back out the door by 11:00 for game two in Raleigh Hills, then out to Hillsboro for the rest of baseball practice. Geez. It was probably 2:00 when I left the baseball field. Since Costco was on the way home, we stopped and grabbed lunch and did some more summer clothing shopping (gotta love Costco! Brooke got 2 pairs of Levi capris for super cheap!) and bought another bag of dogfood.  It’s a $10.00 off coupon!  (Limit one per customer per day)

I wasn’t planning on doing any more driving, so I filled up the car with gas (yes, the right kind) then we came home for the rest of the day.

I was pleasantly surprised at the trunk space…a stack of garbage sacks and towels (in case the kids got muddy playing soccer) and 3 travel chairs, 2 blankets and 2 umbrellas. It all seemed to fit OK. PLUS the dog food and clothing from Costco!

I decided instead of having a stressful Sunday playing catch-up on housework and getting everything ready for the work week, I’d do it all Saturday evening instead. I gave the kids permission to have a “stay up as late as you want slumber party” in the playroom in exchange for them cleaning it before and after- and they were thrilled at the opportunity. They watched “School of Rock” over and over, and finally crashed out around 10:30pm.

I, on the other hand, vacuumed and swept and mopped and did dishes and scrubbed chairs and highchairs and toilets and did laundry, etc. etc. etc. I finally decided at midnight I should get some sleep.

Sunday was to be Pajama Day, sleeping in, lounging around the house. Unfortunately, I woke up at 6am (dang it!) and was aware that Old Navy’s 30% off sale was ending that same day and I wanted to buy a few more things. Plus something I bought at Costco the day prior was defective, and knowing I wouldn’t have any other opportunity, I decided I should bite the bullet and do those things Sunday morning. So that’s what we did.

So out the door at 9:30 to the Hillsboro Costco. First in line when they opened, ran in and exchanged the pants, grabbed a six-pack of 6″ potted plants, then drove out to Old Navy again and exchanged a shirt and bought more clothing, then a stop at Target to return something and pick up a couple more shirts, a stop at McDonalds for lunch and play, Craft Warehouse (hey, these stores were all on the way home), and Fred Meyer for some fertilizer and more plans (OK, not really on the way home), then a stop at the bank, then FINALLY HOME.

And it all fit in the trunk so nicely!!

The kids were bouncing off the walls. I think they were so excited about the new clothes, excited about the McDonald’s lunch, excited about riding around in a sporty car with a sunroof and booming sound system, and of course excited about our upcoming trip…so I kicked them outside to run off their energy. Hey, it was sunny out! And I needed some peace and quiet.

I pretty much relaxed and goofed off the entire time. Like I’m doing right now! I typed up some blog stories that will be posted later in the week, worked on packing lists for our trip, sorted through one of my paper piles, did another load of laundry, watered the newly purchased plants (didn’t feel like planting them just yet), asked a friend to photoshop my latest headshot to tweak the lighting and make it look softer and more “glamorous” (do you like it? I put it up here!). And I FINALLY finished decorating our bedroom. We repainted it January 1st, and bought new bedding, but our walls have been bare. I finally hung all our pictures up again and updated some of the frames.

So yes, I’ve been busy. But it’s been FUN busy and things I enjoy doing. Although every time I look out my front window the car is calling my name and begging me to take it for a spin. I ALMOST called and asked if I could take it to the beach today! THAT would have been fun. And it would have taken 1/3 less gas!

The kids have decided we need a car like this. I might just have to agree!