Here’s a handy trick! My sister actually taught me this a couple weeks ago and I have to say it works fairly well.

My lips have no natural color. They are very pale. I wear lipstick daily, although it always wears off onto my coffee cup, and leaves nothing behind on my lips. I usually wear Burts Bees lipgloss or chapstick, but they don’t really add any color.

So this is the tip my sister gave me:

In the morning, put on the brightest/darkest red lipstick you own. Leave it on for several minutes, then wipe it off. Your lips will be stained! You can then put on your lipgloss or lipstick and the color will appear to last longer. And it works.

I feel kind of funny painting my lips a vibrant red, as I’m in my cozy pants getting ready for the daycare morning to begin. Maybe I should start wearing my high heels during that time, too!