My Dyson hasn’t been working as well as it used to. Shortly after our remodel in 2007, I took it in to be professionally cleaned and when I brought it home it was like new again and worked great! But over the past two years it hasn’t been it’s powerful old self. I didn’t want to pay $99 to have it cleaned again, so I did some research.

First off, I DO take out the blue foam filter and wash it out- although instead of the recommended 6 months, mine only makes it about a week before it’s so dirty that the vacuum loses power. So I have two of them, I swap them out every other week. So that was my first sign that there may be a problem.

I Googled “clean dyson DC07” and found a few You Tube videos that showed how to disassemble a Dyson and clean it yourself at home. In fact, one of the websites was from a vacuum repair shop who said they were tired of people bringing in Dysons complaining they weren’t working right, when all it needs is a good scrubbing and filter replacements. So I ordered a new pre-motor and post-motor filter (filter AND housing) and waited for them to arrive in the mail.

Yesterday was the big day. And wow what a project it was!!

The good thing about a Dyson is that there are so many pieces that connect together, so you can take most if apart pretty easily…designed to allow people to remove clogs in the line. The flaw with that design: a lot of rubber seals and gaskets. I detailed each and every one of them. I stuffed a damp microfiber cloth into each tube and hole and wiped those down. I scrubbed (in the kitchen sink) anything that would fit in the kitchen sink! I found the right screwdriver to take apart the canister top and access the cyclone “tunnels” so I could stuff something in there and clean those out, too!

I almost took a picture of how many pieces I was able to take apart, but I didn’t.

I let everything air dry over night and reassembled it this morning. Plugged it in, turned it on…! It’s like new again! The suction is AMAZING and just the fact that it looks new again has me happy~

I will never vacuum up sheetrock dust, or fireplace soot or ashes with my Dyson again. I’ll go pick up a little Shop-Vac for that!

Here’s one of the videos I referenced: