I don’t know about you, but I love it when you go to a public place and they have a foaming soap dispenser instead of the slimy gooey liquid soap. With 6-8 kids here full time washing their hands several times a day, I could only imagine the mess from regular liquid soap. I’ve been using foaming hand (and dish!) soap for years. Ever since I went to a Pampered Chef party and was introduced to the Suds Pumper. I bought a couple, but they seemed to have a relatively short life span…about a year or less before gunk would build-up and it would clog or no longer foam.

So I was excited when Dawn released their Dawn Direct Foaming Dish Soap…..and shortly after Dial came up with a foaming hand soap.
LOVE IT. In fact, I put it on my “Favorite Things” page.

I highly recommend investing in a bottle of each. But when it runs out, don’t toss it and buy another one! Refill it! And not with the manufacturers “refill” product- that’s a rip off! Make it yourself….it’s super easy.

All you do is pour about 1/4″ of soap into the empty container, fill the rest with water, stir well….and voila! you have your own foaming dish/hand soap at a FRACTION of the cost.

And you can use any soap- ANY soap. Whatever your favorite soap is, just use it!

I have three bottles of foaming hand soap and I rotate the bottles around the house so they all get equal use and when they are just about empty, then I refill them all at once. I’m still using the same bottle of eco-friendly hand soap that I bought a year ago!

That $10.00 bottle of soap has given me about 75 bottles of Dial Foaming hand soap- saving me at least $200 over the year!!