Thursday night at 2AM, Trevor got sick. He was pretty much down and out the entire day Friday. Woke up Saturday morning and said he was an 8… almost back to normal. By 9AM he was completely back to normal….eating well, being active, couldn’t even tell that he had been down and out the prior day.

I left the house for a few hours in the afternoon- leaving around 2pm. Spent about 3 hours at Office Depot making copies of receipts for my taxes….plus helping a friend make copies of her tax paperwork for the past three years (being audited- yuck).

I came home around 5:30 and Brooke was wearing her pajamas and had a strange look on her face. Jim was tending to her….when I suddenly realized SHE was sick now! Ugh.

Jim said she threw up about 1/2 an hour after I left. She made it to the toilet, fortunately. And threw up again within the hour. And had just thrown up when I came home. He had given her a ‘barf bowl’ for emergencies, changed her into her pajamas, had a movie set up in her bedroom, made a sippy cup with 7-up and gave her a plate of crackers. Made sure she was all comfy cozy and all I could think was, “Wow. I have an awesome husband. What a great Dad, too!”

I thought he would have called me…and I said that to him, but he replied that he could take care of it all- why would he need to call me!? WOW.

Anyway, Brooke isn’t as “dead to the world” as Trevor was, but we are also only a few hours into it.

I’m hoping if it continues to make rounds in our house, that I either luck out and skip it….or else I get it tonight or tomorrow morning. I can’t be sick on Monday.

I haven’t had to close due to MY illness for well over a year. In fact, the last time I was sick, Jim subbed for me so I wouldn’t have to inconvenience my families.

We’ll have to wait and see, I guess!!