It was a weird day today- not sure how I managed to squeeze in all these random projects, but I did!  I guess it’s having a good group of kids who didn’t need much direction today to keep happily occupied with games and activities!

I started off the morning with my 5am wake-up call.  Yep, still doing that and it’s still going GREAT!   I was planning on entering my meal counts and receipts for the month, but the morning greeted me with a messy desk, so that idea went out the window.  

When my ‘get ready’ alarm sounded at 6:10, I got ready for work- went to wake up the kids and saw that one of them had a bloody nose while sleeping.  So that meant washing sheets and re-making the bed.   (By the way….if you don’t own a set of 600+ thread-count sheets, go buy a set…they are so heavenly).  I finished three loads of laundry (even put it all away- Jim was out of town on Sunday so that meant “I” had to do the laundry this weekend!). 

Sunday I had spray-painted some gold frames I bought from the dollar store- I painted them black.  This morning I chose five autumn printed papers to put in them as a backdrop to my Thanksgiving decor on our fireplace mantle.  I wanted something that wouldn’t detract from what was already up there, something fairly muted, but artsy in itself.


Before lunch, I went out back to change the hummingbird feeder and the sun was so warm and inviting….I decided at quiet time the older kids and I would go outside.  So we did!  I managed to rake most of the leaves, although I couldn’t move them out to the street for pick-up because our wheelbarrow had a flat tire.  I was not about to wheel a flat wheelbarrow to the garage and mess with the air compressor.  So I raked them into piles where the wind had been blowing them, so at least they won’t get re-spread all over the yard (hopefully).   It’s been awful windy around here lately!  One of our lace-leaf maples in the front yard had no leaves on it, nor any leaves beneath it.  Either someone secretly raked them all up, or the wind took them up our street for someone else to pick up!  (smile)

While I was outside, I also spray painted the Ikea easel I picked up at a garage sale this summer.  It was natural wood, but the kids kept writing/drawing on the frame and it was looking awful.  Magic Eraser would remove the marks, but I didn’t want to do that on a daily basis.  My solution- paint it black.  That way when they write on it with a black pen, I won’t see it!

I think it looked better in it’s lighter color, but my $1.00 garage sale purchase sure is working out well for me!  Actually, now that it’s in the playroom it looks really nice!

I also spent some time making ponytail toppers for Brooke today.  I had picked one up at a Bazaar on Saturday and figured I could make them myself.  She needs fancy hair ideas for ballet class, and these clips work great!  So easy to do, too!

After daycare, I sanded the window sills to prep them for painting.  That has been an ongoing slow moving project since last December!  GEEZ.  No painting tonight, though,  I’m not ready to tackle that yet.  

I also finalized our order for our family portraits.  We should be getting those by the end of the week (I’m hoping).  Then I can update all our frames!

So that’s how my day went.  Busy busy busy.

And no elk for Jim yet.