I didn’t post last weekend’s happenings because it was really just a day of soccer games, Super Bowl prep, and Super Bowl! Both Trevor and Riley had their first games on February 2nd. Riley’s team lost- they held their own at 0-0 in the first half.  They played a great team so we were proud of their efforts, but when the second half started they just fell apart, didn’t attack the ball or challenge the other team, made mistakes and acted like they were exhausted. They ended the game losing 2-0.

Her game was in LongviewWashington, which was a 50-minute drive each way and since Trevor’s first game was at the same time, Riley and I rode in the “party van” with her coach and a few other players.  Most of Riley’s games will be in the Vancouver area, most of Trevor’s will be at the home field which is SunsetHigh School.  They are both playing competitive soccer in the “Portland Metro League” which consists of primarily Portland area and Vancouver area clubs.

I didn’t get to see Trevor’s game- they ended with a tie of 1-1.

Sunday was Superbowl and we put on our own Half Time show of watching one of the Bad Lip Reading videos on YouTube.  It’s hilarious- here’s a link to it:

THIS weekend….we kicked off Friday night with karate since Riley had a 9am game on Saturday.  And since the Trail Blazers were playing, that meant 50% off any order at Papa John’s, so I downloaded the Papa John’s app on my phone and ordered pizza during karate for us to pick up on the way home.   We’re not really fans of their pizza, but to get a XL pizza with all the toppings for under $12- that’s good enough for me!

We all went to bed early that night since we had our first game of the day in Vancouver and needed to be there by 8:30am.

Saturday Trevor stayed home and slept in. This meant we could take the red car (gets more than double the mileage of my SUV!).  I really enjoy playing at this level- most of the games are held at high schools or sports complexes with turf fields and dry ground and real bathrooms. Much better than the muddy neighborhood parks in the Rec leagues!

Riley’s team played much better this time and ended up winning 4-3!   I think it was 2-0 at half time, I’m not positive though.  For the last 15-minutes they were down a couple players without anyone realizing it…we were playing 6 v 8!

Back home I decided to call Sears to schedule an eye appointment for Riley. She had asked about getting contacts and when we saw her eye doctor in August, he suggested she get them around age 12 (I was thinking age 14). Riley’s broken her glasses twice being hit in the face with a soccer ball, and she got a cut in her eyebrow last week during PE because of her glasses.  She doesn’t wear her glasses for soccer or karate and has been complaining that she can’t see as well without them.  She told me Friday that a few kids in her class already had contacts so could we ask her doctor again?  I asked her if she knew what contacts were and she told me she knew it was something that you put on your eyeball and it stays there and you have have to touch your eyeball and she can do that (see, Mom? as she touches her eyeball).  She’s always taken really good care of her stuff so I decided to call her doctor and see what his thoughts were.  I was hoping to get her in that afternoon, but figured it was a long shot.  Otherwise we’d have to schedule something for after-work, which would conflict with soccer and karate.  My never ending uber-busy schedule.

Trevor had a game at 3:30, which we’d have to leave at 2:00 for, and it was already 11:30 when I called Dr Zoller.  They said if we could be there by noon, they’d get her in! Yippee!

She did really well with the appointment and he had her practice putting the contact in and taking it out. He didn’t have her exact prescription, so just sent her home with one contact to use as a practice contact for both eyes. We should get her actual prescription sometime later this week or early next week. She’s VERY excited.  We set up a “contact” station in her bedroom so she can do this in privacy and not risk contamination or other problems by doing it in the bathroom.

Trevor’s game went well- they crushed the other team 11-0!  Trevor had quite a bit of playing time, too.

Back at home we made the nacho tray that I had planned for the night before- our Superbowl leftovers are officially GONE!

Jim was watching a movie on Fox12, the kids were in the front room watching TV and I was in the playroom office trying to get our internet connection all figured out (it keeps cutting out).  Commercials  had come on and for some reason the kids were in the family room at that very moment and all of a sudden there was some freaking out- “Grandma and Grandpa’s condo is on TV!!!”  What?  Thankful for the DVR we were able to rewind and replay the commerical and sure enough, there was an ad that says “Come stay at Ocean’s Edge” and it showed the inside of mom and dad’s condo in Rockaway.  What?  I started freaking out thinking Ocean’s Edge was a resort and they “stole” footage of the condo and were portraying it as their own.  I knew that “Ocean’s Edge” wasn’t the property management company Mom and Dad were using, so I called my parents to alert them.  Turns out the saying is coined by the Rockaway Beach Chamber of Commerce and it’s really just an ad for RockawayBeach itself.  Mom and Dad had agreed/allowed the CoC to come in and photograph from their room, knowing it would be used for some promotional piece.

How exciting though!  Of all the rooms in RockawayBeach they chose my parents’ place as their “come stay at RockawayBeach” example!  Too bad they didn’t link it with the property management company!  I’m sure they could increase their rentals that way!

We watched the commercial a few times and I stood with my phone pointed at the TV to make a recording of it- here’s a link to that (be warned, YouTube adjusted the shakiness by distorting the edges of the TV, I didn’t really wave my camera around like that when I was recording it!).

Early bedtime (early-ish) because Jim had to work at 5am on Sunday.

I woke up that morning around 7:30 and started out by uploading the YouTube video, then perusing other silly YouTube videos waiting for that one to finish.  One can really waste a lot of time on YouTube!

I spent most of the morning filing away more business stuff, doing my menus for the next couple weeks, time sheets, sign-in sheets, etc.  Then I did my weekly coupon match-ups and found some good deals at Albertsons and Fred Meyer, so had the kids help me clip coupons (man that was nice!) and we made our Costco shopping list and I found my receipts for some returns at Costco and Fred Meyer and we headed out the door.

Costco on a  Sunday afternoon is a nightmare- the parking wasn’t too bad, the shopping wasn’t too bad, but checkout?  OMG it was at least 4 carts deep at every lane, and they had all but 4 lanes open!  Geesh!

Fred Meyer was having a sale for 60% off their clearance clothes, so the kids all shopped the racks and ended up with $110 worth.  Brooke picked out a fancy dress, a skirt, a couple shirts and a pair of black skinny jeans with ‘studs’ on the shin/ankle area.  And a Beavers jersey!  Riley picked out a couple dressy-type tops, a couple of layering tank tops and a sheer-ish shirt to wear over those tanktops.  Trevor picked out a couple of thin zip-up hoodies.

We made it home after Jim had come home from work.  I dropped off the kids then went to Albertson’s alone.

The coupon match-ups didn’t work out so well, they were out of the items that I was there to buy.  I’ll check back on Tuesday to see if they get more in.

I made a stop at the Dollar Tree to pick up 26 frames for the daycare kids to use for art projects.  Some of them are canvas, some are flat board images that we’ll just paint over, and some are actual picture frames.  I try to do 2-3 “cool enough to hang on your wall” art projects with the kids.

When I got home I helped Brooke with her school Valentines.  I had seen a cute idea where you package up a few Starburst candies with a card attached that says, “You are a STAR!  Hope your day is bursting with fun and friendship.”  I cheated and had her sign her name once, then I scanned and lifted it to apply to the finished product so that when they were printed out, they had her name on them already.  Hee hee!


Dinner was BBQ hamburgers- the kids helped me season the meat, shape the patties, Riley learned how to turn on the Traeger and came out with me to learn how to flip the burgers, how to tell if they are ready, etc.  I’m so glad that the kids are old enough to help, to learn, and everyone seems to enjoy these cooking lessons.

That pretty much wraps up the weekend.  I’ll try to get a 4100 update post and some soccer pics posted this week.