Remember this post where I revealed our new office?  I had mentioned strongly disliking one of the new pieces of furniture- the computer tower cubby from IKEA:


It is just so boxy and bulky and blah…. and the one shelf is quite useless since it’s so thick.

When we had the glass tabletop made for the cabinet and desk, I also asked them to cut me a couple of glass shelves.  Easy peasy, or so I thought, until I realized that I’d need to find brackets to support them, the IKEA one’s wouldn’t work.  And I’d also have to predrill holes for those new brackets, which required 1/4″ holes and we didn’t have a drill that would fit in that tiny space, well, the one we DID have couldn’t accomodate any of Jim’s 1/4″ drill bits.

So a new tool kit (with the proper sized drill bits) and new right-angle drill (for tight spaces) and 1/4″ peg supports from Lowe’s and two custom cut glass shelves and we were in business!

Except the project sat there for about 8 weeks, untouched.

Why so long?  I dunno.  Working in tight spaces, poor lighting, needing a level and a marker and drilling holes and all that good stuff just simply didn’t appeal to me.

Until today!  (I needed something to do during quiet time- I didn’t have any DVR’d shows to watch!)

Lookie lookie what I did:


Ta da!!

Here’s the full view:


Oh my gosh that looks soooo much better and now we have two shelves and it doesn’t look so bulky and boxy.  Whew!

It’s amazing what a little elbow grease and spare time (and new materials and power tools and accessories) can get ya sometimes.