STAY TUNED!  This is where I’ll post the weekly standings for everyone to see…. 

I’m hoping to update the page every Monday for the prior week.

Here’s the breakdown on how to earn tickets:

  • 1 ticket for every 30 minutes of reading (cumulative total minutes read for the entire week divided by 30 = # of tickets earned)

  • 4 bonus tickets if the child read for at least 30 minutes all seven days of the week

  • Bonus tickets for finishing an entire book!
    1 ticket for every 10 pages in the book, rounded up/down.  For example a 48 page book nets 5 tickets, a 220 page book nets 22 tickets, etc. 

Please Note:    after starting the club on Sunday, I quickly realized some frustration from the older kids when it comes to the younger kids finishing books and earning tickets faster.  For example, several of the books Brooke has read only contain one sentence per page (ie. Dr Seuss books).  A 20 page book shouldn’t really count for 2 tickets when if all those sentences were crammed onto one page it would be a 2 page book.  Yet I don’t want to discourage Brooke from reading those books, because reading is reading and reading is good!  Trevor pointed out that it IS harder for Brooke to read so it IS fair that she gets to read less words to earn tickets.  So, what I’m suggesting to parents is to use discretion.  

What I’m doing for Brooke:  if she’s reading a grade level chapter book, then I’ll award her 1 ticket for every 10 pages in the book.  If she’s reading below grade level, then I might count 20 pages for 1 ticket.  Or in the case of some of the Dr Seuss books, I had her read two books to equal 1 ticket. 

I’d like to push all kids to read age-appropriate books this summer.

STANDINGS (through July 28th):

Brooke Buckley 7 83 1043 35 4 44
Riley Buckley 9 22 661 22 0 0
Trevor Buckley 12 52 485 16 0 36
Joey Eklund 12 0 0 0 0 0
Willy Eklund 14 55 540 18 0 37
Eowyn Wyatt 9 91 1380 46 8 37
TJ Hormel 13 14 420 14 0 0
Brady Hormel 11 14 420 14 0 0
Terrell Jackson 13 0 0 0 0 0

If you don’t send me email updates, I have no way of knowing how many tickets your kids have earned!