HAPPY 2011!

It’s a new year, so time for some new goals.  And if I put them in writing, I’ll probably do a better job of sticking to them, especially with an audience.

And although these are numbered, they are in no particular order.

#1.  Take some classes to learn how to better use our digital SLR camera.

#2.  Take some classes to learn the Spanish so that when we go to Mexico in 2012 I can understand what people are saying!

#3.  Continue with my morning workouts- currently using the elliptical for about 20-30 minutes each morning….I’d like to transition to running on the treadmill for 30-45 minutes each morning.  Increase my cardio.

#4.  Figure out a way to implement Yoga into our daily routines- I think Jim and I should do this together.  We could both use some stress relief.

#5.  Continue with our nightly “study hour” we implemented for the kids just before Christmas break.  (Maybe that’s when Jim and I should do our yoga!)

#6.  FINALLY go through all of my digital photographs and make sure they are filed, with the proper tags and dates…and delete the one’s I no longer need.

#7.  Oh yeah- business paperwork.  I’d like to have all my receipts entered and tracked by the 15th of January.  Even if that means I have to spend a weekend at the beach, alone, to get the job done.  Of course I would welcome company, but you have to be quiet company.  =o)

#8.  Start (and finish) my 2010 Family Scrapbook.  Aiming to have it done by the end of February. 

#9.  Get caught up on the kids School Scrapbooks.  I think Trevor is still in the 2nd grade in his book, and the girls are still in preschool!

#10.  Do something with the fireplace and furniture/decor in the front room.  This is low on the list, but would be nice if we could get it done this coming year.  After all, we’ve lived here for 12 years (me) and 16 years (Jim).  ‘Bout time!

#11.  Speaking of time flying…we probably should finish painting the trim we put up when we did the addition in 2007.  Uhhh, no excuses there.

#12.  Adopt Fly Lady’s new motto:  Let’s go for seven in 2011.  7 minutes or 7 things.  You can do anything for 7 minutes. Here’s an excerpt from her website:

Let’s Go for Seven in 2011! 

1. Set your timer for seven minutes and focus on one thing.
2. Go pick up 7 items to put away.
3. Go pick up 7 items to throw away.
4. Go pick up 7 pieces of clutter to give away
5. Make a list of 7 things that need to be done and set your timer for the first 7 minutes.
6. Make up 7 menus for the next week.
7. Sit down and rest for 7 minutes or read 7 pages in your favorite book.