When I moved into this house in 1998, all the appliances were primarily white with black accents.  Fortunately, most appliances made in the 90’s have reversible front panels that can change the main color to white or black, so I quickly switched reversed the panels so that our appliances were all black.


We have plans to upgrade our range to an all-gas range within the year.  Well,  last month we decided to buy an over-the-range microwave oven first. We chose stainless steel as the finish.

Some people think stainless steel is awful because of the finger prints. Well, let me just say that all black is just as bad!! And what I like about Stainless Steel is that almost every stainless steel appliance is metal AND black. So we don’t have to switch out our black fridge with a stainless steel fridge.

But here’s where it gets a little tricky. Can I switch my dishwasher and trash compactor panels to stainless steel to match the new microwave and range?

Turns out….yes I can! For relatively cheap!!

There are a variety of companies out there that will sell you a sheet of stainless steel- anywhere from $15 a sheet to (are you ready for this?)………..$200 (!!) for a replacement panel custom cut for your dishwasher.

Well I found a guy on ebay who sells sheets custom cut to fit, and with shipping it was less than $25 per appliance!

SS Fronts

So now the range looks out of place since it’s the only appliance without stainless steel. More motivation I guess to get the new one purchased and installed, eh? (I’m hoping the stainless steel coffee maker helps make the look cohesive…hee hee)