Have you seen the “convertible” or “transformer” dress?  It’s a single dress that you can wear multiple ways…

vonvonni convertible

I first saw one several years ago, and I’ve been interested in actually trying one on sometime, but didn’t have a clue where to find one.  Actually, that’s not entirely true, I think I saw something similar when I was dress shopping back in February/March, for over $100.  Not quite what I was looking for at the time….so I didn’t give it a second look.

Anyway, earlier this week I had the TV on and “Better” was doing a what’s hot and what’s not segment and they showcased this dress as “hot” in a hot color.  It looked so good on the models and when they said it was a convertible dress made by VonVonni and available from Amazon.com for $49…I was instantly sold!

vonvonni 2

I was so excited to see so many colors to choose from!  But also overwhelmed.  Yikes!


I was originally going to go with a turquoise/teal color, but then I saw THIS PRINT:


Instant LOVE!  Dress it up or dress it down!  And for just $39!  With Free shipping and Free returns!!??!  It was a deal I couldn’t pass up!

I couldn’t wait to try all the tying combinations to see which ones I like best:



Thanks to Amazon Prime, I didn’t have to wait long.   2-day shipping- I love it!!

The dress arrived, I took it out of the package and my first thought was WOW this is quite heavy!

It’s A LOT of material.  A Lot.  The material is thick enough to go bra-less (and having a pattern helps even more)!


How the heck does this thing work????


Here it is with the ‘straps’ just loose….


It’s LONG.  Like L-O-N-G.  I mean, look at how LONG those straps are!!!!

SEVEN-AND-A-HALF feet long.  7.5 FEET long!  Um, hello???  I’m 5’4″.  I can’t even hold it up for ya!

OK, so here’s how the dress works…. essentially…

It’s a full length skirt with a finished back edge and two wide straps/panels sewn onto the front.  Here’s the back view- at the waist.  So yes, it’s open back.


It has two super wide “straps” that are ever so slightly overlapped in the front, like by less than an inch, gathered nicely to accommodate any size bust:


For the dress itself, you can also pull the waist high like an empire dress, or wear it low for a really low cut front.

You can pull the straps straight up and over your shoulders, or cross them to the opposite shoulder, or cross them again for a tighter halter line, or wear a necklace and feed the straps through it, or you can pull them apart, wrap them sideways, the possibilities are endless.

After you have the coverage you want, you can lay the straps flat or twist them or knot them, or feed the straps through bracelets or use some sort of string to wrap and tie them if you want added decor.

I tried several of the tying combinations I had seen when I looked online the day I ordered it….

FotorCreated001 FotorCreated01


I had completely forgotten about several other tying methods I had seen….Darn it!

All I know is I’m looking forward to trying other tying methods, or using a bangle or necklace to add another dimension.  Heck, a belt would even look good with some of the tying combinations.

And I like that I can dress it up or dress it down.

As for sizing… it’s one size fits all.  The waist of the dress is very fitted, fit me very well, slimming and comfortable.  I have a 29″ waist.  I have no idea how this stretches to fit over larger people, but apparently it does.

It also has a no-need-to-sew finished edge.  The straps AND the dress… whatever the material is made of, you simply CUT it with scissors if you need it to be any shorter.


Crazy, I know!

So here’s my tips…

– Give yourself PLENTY of room to swing the straps around.

– Prepare to “dance”.  It’s much easier to step over the straps than it is to pull the whole length around you.  Maybe I’ll you-tube it someday to show how funny it really is and how easily you can get tangled up.  Especially when you start twisting the straps to get a ‘fancier’ look.

– Don’t do this in the bathroom unless you want to risk one of the ends falling into the toilet or flailing around the floor.  Not that it happened to ME, but after seeing how much the chest/shoulder/waist pieces drag all over the floor and get tangled up and get flopped around, I would not do this in a dirty environment.

Anyway, I really look forward to wearing this dress… a lot.  And I’m having a hard time not also ordering this one:


Ugh.  New addiction maybe?

Here’s a YouTube video from the designer himself showing all the various ways to wear the dress…. it’s fun to watch.


UPDATE:  I do wear this quite a bit.  My favorite way to wear it is how I have it on the top right pic of the grid I shared.  And yes, I can dress it down: